LED vs halogen headlights

Jane Seymour A few hours ago · 5 min. read
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The first headlight was created at the same time as the automobile and has since evolved significantly. Early models used acetylene lamps, which were also common on horse-drawn carriages. Today's high-end cars use adaptive laser units for their headlights.

Although LED headlights are becoming more popular amongst manufacturers, both halogen and LED headlights have their benefits. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each type to help you make a decision about which one is right for your needs.

What is a halogen headlight?

Halogen headlights have been utilized since the 1960s. They work by using a tungsten filament that is enclosed in a glass bulb. This glass bulb is then filled with halogen and other noble gases. These lights emit a yellowish light, which can be improved upon with certain modifications.

What is an LED headlight?

An LED light is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. To create light, electricity passes through these tiny semiconductors which then emit photons. This electrical process is what provides illumination while driving at night. When used as headlights, they emit a very bright white light.

Which is the better headlight – halogen or LED?

As auto manufacturers have already begun to include LED headlights in new cars, the halogen bulb will soon be phased out.

Usually, if you're buying a new car, the type of headlights is already decided for you. Although, on some luxury models, there might be an upgrade option to adaptive LED headlights or even laser lights. The better light quality and long lifespan of LED lights make them ideal in general--not to mention that replacement costs should drop as more people adopt this technology.

Halogen lights still have their place in budget cars, as well as in the used car market. The low replacement costs are the biggest drawcard, ensuring that a blown bulb or damaged headlight unit don’t equate to an exorbitant replacement cost.

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